Organized sound has existed since the birth and development of the very first Humans. Banging Rocks in time, chanting, singing, drums, constantly, evolving from these humble beginnings to the electric piano, synthesizer and all the marimbas, vocalizations, viols, plucked strings, flutes, wind instruments and keyboards that have been created in-between. Music has an intrinsic ability to affect us mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically, what a wonderful gift the ability to play music is, it’s a gift for life, and the benefits of musical education are infinite, reaching to the very core of student’s brain function, co-ordination, habits and personal development.  Adequate, qualified, professional teachers are crucial to building the correct neural pathways which connect physical, aural and mental functions in which a young child is able to make connections to sounds, actions and fine motor skills. Scientific research has shown that music training accelerates maturity in areas of the brain that are responsible for sound processing, language development, speech perception and reading skills. Children who have received music training showed differences in the thickness of the auditory area in the right versus the left hemispheres of the brain, a sign that music training impacts brain structure. In addition, children leaning to play and read music showed a stronger robustness of the white brain matter, a sign of stronger connectivity in the corpus callosum, an area of the brain that allows communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. Young musicians demonstrate a greater engagement of a brain network that is involved in executive function and decision making.  Basically, if you want your child to be better, get them music lessons from a reliable educator. All instruments are good, some have more benefits than others such as violin, piano, cello and guitar, but all music instruments have wonderful boundless benefits.