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We have acoustic drums and some percussion instruments. Searching the internet for companies that will rent/sell drum kits / percussion instrument is one way to obtain the use of an instrument.Our drums room uses ultra sound proofing technology. Double doors and walls made from modern sound proofing materials ensure privacy and comfort for all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlHD2zmrbuw

main key features about DRUMS lessons

Drums are one of the world’s oldest instruments and perhaps the most fundamental. They provide the backbone of the music, attract lots of attention, and the rhythms they provide are one of the defining characteristics of any particular style of music.

Students will learn essential techniques for successful performance, including:

  • Proper grip and hand position
  • Posture at the drum-set
  • Rhythm reading from beginning to advanced
  • Rudiments, rolls, drum-set coordination (Independence)
  • Wide varieties of beats and styles, including jazz, rock, R&B, latin, country, Broadway, world music, etc.
  • Chart reading and Interpretation

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Our drums lesson covers traditions including jazz, rock, R&B, latin, country, Broadway, world music, etc. And we have successfully taught students ranging from beginners to professionals looking to sharpen their craft and advanced amateurs seeking to master new techniques and traditions.

THE DRUMS teachers

Drums Teacher

james browns

Our   drum teacher are highly qualified with Diploma of Popular Music and graduated as the Bachelor of Jazz Performance at the Jazz Music Institute, specialise on drums performance, having more than 15 years teaching experience, and most importantly, have a passion for teaching. Being a musician doesn’t automatically make you a teacher, that’s why we search for those who are best qualified for mentoring our music students. 

Practice of Drums at Vivo college of music


James has over 15 years of drumming experience and 8 years as a professional performer and drums teacher.

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Please visit VIVO’s office for enrolment and get the booking details, call 3344 1501 for appointment.

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Lessons for Everyone

Teaching children how to play drums can be fun – and you might learn a bit about drumming, too – but to inspire them to the next level, you should investigate lessons and local teachers. Online lessons offer some great tips, but similar to coaching a golf or tennis swing, there’s no substitute for a real-life teacher who can provide on-the-spot guidance as a student learns correct stick movement and other fundamentals. Teaching proper technique is of critical importance in helping ensure that your child is not stressing muscles and creating unnecessary fatigue. One lesson can go a long way in improving the skills and concepts of drumming.

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  • class time: 30 – 60 minutes
  • class level: beginner – advanced
  • Class size: One to One

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