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VIVO College of music provides students at all age of experience to work in a highly tailored, one-on-one environment with world-class guitar educators across a range of musical traditions.  

Private lessons are matched to each individual’s goals and existing playing ability.

main key features about guitar lessons

VIVO’s guitar lessons covers musical styles including rock, jazz, classical, blues folk/Americana, flamenco, and Bluegrass. We have successfully taught students ranging from beginners to professionals.

Students will learn essential guitar techniques, including: 

  • Proper fretting hand and picking technique
  • Proficient use of chords and scales
  • Note reading on musical staff
  • Music theory
  • Performance/audition preparation / AMEB Exam
  • Music appreciation & Improvisation

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Our guitar/ukulele teachers teach a variety of styles from classical to folk.  They are happy to help you to become the guitarist/ukulele player you want to be! Students will learn the fundamentals of sight reading, technique and theory. Their favourite songs will also be incorporated into the lessons. 

THE guitar & ukelele teachers

Our guitar/ukulele teachers are friendly and encouraging and enjoy sharing their love of guitar/ukulele with you!

Our guitar/ukulele  teachers understand that every student is an individual, with personal musical needs and goals. We make it a priority to tailor how we teach and what we teach to your individual needs. 


rock guitar lessons at vivo college of music


Leonardo began his musical studies at the Luis.A. Calvo Music Academy in Bogota, Columbia, where he studied classical guitar and explored harmony as applied to the guitar.
He also formed a guitar quartet, participating in numerous competitions and festivals. In 2003, he graduated from The National Pedagogical University, Major in Classical Guitar and start working as teacher over 10 years.

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Guitar lessons at vivo music college

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Please visit VIVO’s office for enrolment and get the booking details, call 3344 1501 for appointment. 
rock guitar lessons at vivo college of music

why rhythm is import in guitar lessons

This tip is very important as it is often neglected by beginners (and sometimes by advanced guitar players too). Rhythm matching is key to playing music.

Music is made of two things: notes (which make chords, melodies and harmony as a whole) and rhythm. Without rhythm, you only have half of the music. Playing without matching the rhythm is like playing out of tune.

Since learning rhythm does not require much technical skills on the guitar (or even no guitar at all), feel free to learn it as soon as you begin. Once you know can play 3 chords following a beat, then you’ll be playing music. However, if you learn 3000 chords without any rhythm, you will still not know how to play music.

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  • class time: 30 – 60 minutes
  • class level: Beginner – advanced
  • Class size: One to One

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